A Photo Tour Of Jim’s Global Rhythm Journey (in progress)

Jim Greiner’s Worldwide Community Drumming and Interactive Rhythm Programs For:
Corporate Team Building, Conference and Meeting Ice Breaking,
Community Events, Schools, Therapeutic Centers and Private Celebrations

My work with corporate groups is a natural outgrowth of my two-year drumming journey in Africa, as well as my life-long passion for
exploring the ways we humans create and sustain thriving communities and cultures. Long ago, I realized that the core principles of group drumming
are the same fundamental principles that have helped communities worldwide thrive throughout the ages.

I call these principles the “Three C’s of Community: Communicating, Collaborating and Celebrating.
I’ve designed purpose-driven group drumming programs to present, and reinforce these principles, as well as
integrating my client’s own themes and goals, for contemporary corporate and community groups in down-to-earth, and upbeat (had to say it!) ways.





At Monterey Pop Fest 45th Anniversary