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Jim Greiner is an award-winning percussionist, educator and community drumming leader. He is widely acclaimed as a “Master percussion educator” (The Percussive Arts Society). Jim is also recognized as an expert in the many physical, mental and emotional benefits of drumming.

Since 1980, Jim has taught thousands of percussion clinics and hands-on workshops throughout North America and around the globe. His area of playing and teaching expertise covers a variety of traditional and contemporary instruments including:

Congas, Bongos, African Djembe & Ashiko Drums, Middle Eastern Doumbek, Frame Drums, Cajon,  Udu, Shekeré and other shaker,s Afucé/Cabasa®, Tambourine Clavés  Cow Bells, Gongs,
and a wide range of other Hand Percussion Instruments

Jim’s workshops can incorporate beginning to advanced levels in a wide range of musical styles including:

Rock, Latin, R&B, Soul, Funk,  Jazz,  Blues,Reggae, Caribbean, African, Americans/Folk, World Music &  Pop

Jim’s teaching methods are strongly grounded in the fundamentals of music, including:

  • Staying relaxed and focused while playing
  • Traditional and contemporary playing techniques and rhythms
  • Achieving and maintaining a solid groove
  • Progressing in a step-by-step process
  • Listening to, and collaborating with, other musicians
  • The history and cultural traditions of the instruments
  • Improvising
  • Playing with passion and a spirit of celebration!

Jim works with school and community educators to customize his programs to serve their needs and goals, and to help train musicians to gain real-world skills… while having fun.

Jim Greiner is a clinician/endorser for Latin Percussion Instruments (LP), Sabian Cymbals, Pro Mark Drumsticks, Gibraltar Drum Hardware, Audix Microphones and Factory Metal Percussion. His clinics in music stores, at music camps and drum festivals and at schools are supported by LP and these other manufacturers of quality musical products.


Jim Greiner’s Percussion Education Demonstration Video

Jim’s Percussion Education Sessions

Demonstration Clinic: Hand Drums & Hand Percussion Instruments (45 to 90 minutes): A demonstration of hand drums (congas, bongos, Djembe) and commonly-played hand percussion instruments and how they are used in traditional and contemporary musical styles.

Hands-On Workshop: Hand Percussion Instruments (45 minutes to six hours): Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced levels and combination of two or more levels.  Demonstration and hands-on session. Includes one or more of the following instruments: cowbells and other bells, tambourines, clavés, Shekeré, Maracas & other shakers, afucé/cabasa, blocks and percussion effects. Covers traditional and contemporary techniques and rhythms, history and cultural background of the instruments, and their uses in a wide range of musical styles.

Hands-On Workshop: Congas, Bongos and/or Djembe (45 minutes to six hours): Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced levels and combination of two or more levels. Demonstration and hands-on session. Traditional and contemporary techniques and rhythms, history and cultural background and their uses in a wide range of musical styles.

Drum Circle Facilitation Skills Training (60 minutes to three-day workshops): Beginning, Intermediate & Advance levels and combination of two or more levels. Techniques, concepts and rhythms for organizing and conducting drum circles and other interactive drumming and rhythm-based programs for groups of all types. Great for music teachers, other educators, Activities Directors, therapists, team-builders, team leaders and group leaders of all types.

Community Rhythm Residency™ (one day to two weeks): An extended stay in the community with rhythm programs for a wide range of community groups, including corporations, service organizations, schools, community centers and others. Our CRR creates a true spirit of community across the full spectrum of people and organizations that make up the community. The CRR is can be sponsored by multiple local and regional groups, but often local corporations that bring Jim in to do his corporate programs become primary sponsors, and reap the rewards of being recognized as community benefactors. (See our Corporations, Conferences & Retreats page)


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