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CDs are $20 within the U.S. and $25 outside the U.S.  Digital downloads of CDs are $9; click on More Information for instructions.

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Jim Greiner’s Rhythm Power®
Play Shekere DVD & Digital Download

Play Shekere is Jim Greiner’s most recent Rhythm Power® instructional/inspirational DVD.  It includes 80 minutes of beginning to advanced lessons and four, ten-minute audio loops to play along with for practice and for fun (we call it playing music for a reason!).

Each beginning-to-advanced lesson builds upon the skills learned in previous lessons, and is easy to access through the master menu.

Play Shekere is designed to give people from all walks of life, and at all levels of percussion experience, the Shekere, and rhythmic, skills that will allow them to play in a wide range of situations, including:

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LP’s Community Drumming For Health & Happiness with Jim Greiner DVD

Drum Circle Fundamentals, Rhythms & Percussion
A fun, exciting and comprehensive way for drummers of all levels of experience, including none at all, to join in the passion and spirit of drum circle gatherings.

This DVD is designed for people who want to play for fun, performance or personal enrichment, with drum circles, families and friends.  Distributed by LP Music Group, Alfred Publishing and Jim Greiner’s Hands-On! Drumming®

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Tuned Meditation Chimes: Harmonic Pulsing

Create a calming soundscape for your home, garden, workplace, mediation practice, Yoga groups, massage clients and ceremonial gatherings.

The chimes on this CD were designed by master chime makers, and tuned to the key of C.  I Recorded them with specialized microphones and recording techniques to reproduce their exceptional clarity and resonance, and to capture the low-pitched, pulsing undertones called frequency beating.

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Play-Along Audio Loops CD #1:  Basic Pulse Grooves With Duple & Triplet Upbeats

I created the loops on this CD to support, and inspire, you to practice fundamental rhythm skills while playing any instrument.  Six, 5- to 10-minutes loops. I’ve also included a voice over track with suggestions for getting the most out of your practice time.



Play-Along Audio Loops CD #2: Afro Cuban Clavés & Bells

Practice, and play to, Afro-Cuban rhythmic fundamentals while playing any instruments.  Includes Seven, 10-minute audio loops, and my short verbal introduction on getting the most out of this CD, and in your practice in general.  Includes Son and Rumba Clavés, 4/4 Bell patterns, and 6/8 Bembe bell.

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