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Jim Greiner is a world-renowned percussion educator and community drumming leader (“One of America’s leading percussion educators” – Latin Percussion Instruments) (“A master community drumming leader”- the Percussive Arts Society).

For over 30 years, Jim has presented many hundreds of interactive rhythm-based sessions to empower, focus and motivate young people of all ages and walks of life.

Long ago, Jim recognized that the core principles underlying learning and playing percussion instruments are the same, down-to-earth principles that are the foundation of all productive Life Skills. His award-winning programs use playing rhythm instruments as a fun and uplifting vehicle for young people to learn and to reinforce these universal, fundamental Life Skills, and to then use them to create powerful, productive Life Rhythms… positive patterns of attitude and action!

Jim Greiner’s Hands-On! Drumming® programs have been proven time and again to benefit young people by:

  • Releasing stress
  • Teaching focus, discipline and commitment
  • Enhancing communication and collaboration skills
  • Encouraging creativity and self-expression
  • Fostering a powerful “can-do” attitude
  • Nurturing a spirit of family bonding and community service
  • Reinforcing unity while celebrating diversity
  • Creating an upbeat spirit of celebrating life!
“You are a smash hit with our campers and staff! Year after year you consistently receive the highest marks of any of our presenters” 
– Rotary Youth Leadership Awards

“Jim Greiner brought his interactive drumming program to five schools in Las Vegas over two days.  The students worked together to create a very powerful and moving rhythmic groove.  Greiner then showed the students how to take those positive rhythms, and put them to work at home, in the classroom and in the community” 
-Brett Barnes, Percussive Arts Society Nevada Chapter President

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Jim’s work, because it is experiential, creative and enormously fun, has been proven time and time again to have lasting value for young people in schools, colleges & universities, individual classrooms, youth camps, community youth centers and youth groups of all types.

“Jim Greiner takes his fascinating story of communication through drumming and engages 200 teenagers who don’t know each other, for an hour in hands-on participation. The result is unity and joy.”
– Gail Turner, President, Success Builders™ and Dale Carnegie Trainer

Jim has also created fun team-building, stress-releasing and energizing rhythm programs for teachers, activities directors, administrators and all other staff members of schools and youth centers. These are based on his decades of work with corporate groups and conferences, and include additional elements that serve the specific themes and objectives of those who work with young people.

“Thanks again for a wonderful event to start the new school year. The students and staff had a great experience, and are still talking about it days afterward!”
– Jean-Marie Scott, Porter College, University of California

“Thank you soooo much for our staff drumming program!!! Your words about community and the drumming fit together to make it, as several of the teachers said, ‘Our best experience ever!'”
– Carl Pearson, Principal, Soquel Elementary School, Soquel, California

Hands-On! Drumming® Schools & Youth Groups Rhythm Sessions

Community Rhythms Celebration™: (30 to 60 minutes): A facilitated drum circle type “jam session”. Guaranteed to break the ice, reinforce community bonds, uplift and energize all participants and bystanders alike. Great for celebrations, festivals, fund-raisers, diversity training, fraternities, sororities, clubs, youth camps, sports teams and school/family events. Also an exciting way to create school/family bonding, and to increase enthusiasm and participation for school music programs among students and parents.


Rhythms of Community Spirit (ROCS!)™ : (45 to 90 minutes): A interactive, celebratory jump-start for the new school year. Builds community spirit among class-and school-mates. Jim uses lively rhythms, stories from his worldwide drumming experiences and folk tales to integrate messages of respect for self and for others, and real-world communication and collaboration skills, while reinforcing positive Life Rhythms and engaging fully in school… and in life.

Rhythms For Success!™ Interactive Keynote Presentation: (30 to 90 minutes): Uses lightweight, tuned percussion tubes. Motivational and inspirational rhythm-based program – for groups of ALL sizes! Jim weaves stories of his worldwide drumming travels together with fun rhythm activities into an uplifting and inspiring experience. Covers universal themes such as integrity, respect for self and others, self-reliance, goal setting and attaining, teamwork, community service and developing a spirit of adventure. Perfect for school assemblies, jump-starting the beginning – and/or celebrating the ending – of the school year, awards presentations, graduations, Grad Nights and more


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