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LP’s Community Drumming For Health & Happiness
with Jim Greiner DVD

Community Drumming for Health and Happiness with Jim Greiner is a fun, exciting and comprehensive way for drummers of all levels of experience, including none at all,
to join in the passion and spirit of drum circle gatherings.

This DVD is designed for people who want to play for fun, performance or personal enrichment,  or with drum circles, families and friends.

Jim’s video clearly demonstrates how to play some of the most common hand drums and hand percussion instruments used in drum circles, how to create a drum circle ensemble,
and how to add new elements to an existing drum circle.

Distributed by LP Music Group, Alfred Publishing and
Jim Greiner’s Hands-On! Drumming®

The video/DVD was shot in a lush meadow overlooking the Pacific Ocean in the Monterey Bay Area of California. Four Beta video cameras, one mounted on a 30-foot boom on tracks, allow the viewer to clearly see all the action, from close-in, one-one-one and small-group instruction, to sweeping views of the entire 50-person group. The sound is 24-track digital for a clear, rich reproduction of all the drums and hand percussion instruments.

The DVD also includes additional bonus sections that contain photos of Jim’s worldwide corporate, community, school, therapeutic and private drumming programs.

“Jim Greiner’s video is a success! The production is top notch.
Greiner has a friendly, infectious personality and does a great job of explaining and leading. It’s an uplifting scene that shows how easily people can be drawn into the irresistible appeal of group drumming!
… actually allows a home viewer to get a true taste of community drumming.”
– Drum! Magazine
“Community Drumming for Health and Happiness with Jim Greiner” is 83 minutes long and consists of two sections:

Section 1: 60 minutes of one-on-one and small-class instruction on conga drums, shekere, clave, cowbells, and maracas for
beginning- to intermediate-level drummers. These instruments are explored in depth, including playing techniques and patterns, variations, improvising, history and traditions, tuning, and maintenance. This section also covers how to create drum circle rhythms by using the instruments, techniques and patterns introduced.

One-on-one instruction
Small ensemble class instruction

Section 2: 23 minutes of a 50-person drum circle using the instruments, techniques, patterns, and variations taught in Section 1. This section allows the viewer to play along with the group for an extended period of time, in order to get deeper into the instruments, the rhythms and the experience itself.

Large drum circle section

“Greiner presents the basics of community drumming in a relaxed, down-to-earth environment
that people from all walks of life can understand and enjoy”.
– Modern Drummer Magazine
“With clear, confident instructions, Greiner demonstrates how to breathe, relax and get into a groove. Customers looking to get into drumming for its physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions
should be pointed to this terrific introductory lesson.
-New Age Retailer magazine

Communicating, Cooperation & Celebrating through rhythm!™

Community Drumming for Health and Happiness with Jim Greiner (U.S. $19.95) is available as a DVD worldwide through music stores that carry Latin Percussion Instruments and Alfred Publishing music instruction books and DVDs.

Or use your credit card with PayPal ($25 Within the U.S., $40 Outside the U.S.. Both include shipping & handling):


Would you like to start, or expand, a Drum Circle in your community or school?

Ask about price/shipping discounts for quantities of five or more DVDs!

Buy a Community Drumming DVD for friends and circle members,
work on one or more lessons individually …then get together regularly and jam!

Each lesson includes rhythmic patterns that fit with other to create great group grooves!

Build community… release stress… amaze your families & friends… spread the joy!

Also: visit our Percussion Education Page for information on bringing Jim to YOUR community
to do a Drum Circle Facilitation Skills Workshop!


Community Drumming For Health & Happiness with Jim Greiner voted Best Percussion Instructional Video of 2001, 2004 and 2006 in Drum! Magazine’s annual Readers’ Polls.

Drum! Magazine is a consumer and trade periodical that reaches drummers, and the drumming industry, worldwide.

“I am extremely honored to be singled out by Drum! Magazine readers in this way!”, Greiner states. “These awards further inspire me to continue to bring the enormous physical, mental and emotional benefits of drumming
to people worldwide!”