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Why Drumming For Corporate Team Building And Conference Ice Breaking?

Purpose-driven Group Drumming has been used by people worldwide for thousands of years to:

-energize and focus group members
-release stress
-reinforce community bonds
-celebrate important events

My corporate team building programs have been so successful because I actively engage the group members in the real-world experience of working together as a team by playing individual rhythmic parts that fit together to create the complete group rhythm… the Group Groove!

This is the same process by which members of groups worldwide build thriving communities when they contribute their individual skills, talents and personalities to shared goals and to shared values.  My work is dedicated to helping people from all walks of life build the fundamental skills needed to literally synchronize their rhythms to create powerful group rhythms that lead to success!

In addition, I work with my clients to customize my corporate programs to serve your goals and to reinforce your themes and values.  In this way, the drumming experience becomes a powerful and uplifting vehicle for bringing immediate and enduring solutions to the challenges facing each unique group of people.

I’ve built my programs around my four decades of drumming, percussion teaching, rhythmic adventure travels and work with clients throughout the world. This includes two years in Africa where I was profoundly moved by the way people used drumming to literally create personal and community rhythms that combine to create and reinforce thriving communities.

My Corporate Drumming Blog will cover various elements of my work with corporate groups and conferences, including real-world principles and actual case studies.  (I always receive permission from those of my clients whose names and organizations I include).

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Drumming And The Three Core Principles Of Team Building

Team-Building-DrummingMy corporate team building programs in Silicon Valley and worldwide are built upon my worldwide drumming travels, including two years in Africa. During my drumming treks, I am again and again struck with the profoundly fundamental way in which group drumming reinforces community bonds while uplifting community members.

When I began conducting community and corporate drumming activities of my own in the early 80’s, I examined more closely how and why group drumming is such an age-old, universally-practiced community-building activity.

It became clear to me that living Life with an upbeat, can-do attitude, as individuals and as groups, is a skill that is reinforced when we play together!

I realized that purpose-driven group drumming reinforced, in a lively and enduring way, the underlying principles that all thriving communities had in common.  I call these, the Three C’s Of Community:

*Communicating *Collaborating *Celebrating

*Communicating: Focused group drumming builds listening and verbal skills. We can hear, and feel, the powerful group rhythm we create when we actively listen to each other with open ears, open minds and open hearts, and when we respond to each other (not at each other) in articulate, positive ways. This creates an active exchange of information and ideas.

*Collaborating: Effective collaboration requires committing ourselves to working together toward shared goals.  In drumming, we each play parts that fit together to create the group rhythm.  In life, we do this by creating ongoing patterns of action and attitude… life rhythms… that reinforce our willingness, and the skills we need, to engage together completely, without hesitation. The group rhythm then supports and encourages group members to take risks and to be creative.

*Celebrating:  Playing music together is a time-honored way for people to celebrate successes.  Celebrating successes in this lively and focused way reinforces the group’s processes that led to the success!  A second element of celebrating is based on the simple truth that Life is a blessings!  One of the most powerful and profound ways that we humans have ever created to acknowledge and reinforce the blessing that is Life, is to gather together with other and celebrate it!

Rhythm: The Universal Language

The young software designer from India looked across our circle of drummers at his colleague from northern Europe, grinned broadly and exclaimed, “I loved the part you were playing, so I copied it. It was so very easy for me to play!”

The other fellow looked surprised, laughed and said, “I thought I copied it from you!”

I had been brought in to do a corporate team building program for a group of software engineers from Asia, Europe, India and North America who would be working on a project together. They all spoke fluent English, however the organizers knew that the different work styles and cultural expectations among team members might slow down their creative process.

My client’s goal for me was to help the participants quickly create a spirit of teamwork and a unified group culture of communication and collaboration that transcended their deeply-ingrained cultural differences.

As we played together, I helped them to learn how to recognize and support each other’s personalities and contributions, and to create their own unique, powerful Team Groove.

Some of the revelations that they shared during our Comments & Observations discussion afterwards included:
– “If I got off the rhythm, I was able to get back on when I listened to what others were playing!”

– “I could try new things, because the group rhythm was so strong that we supported each other’s creativity!”

– “I always thought that I didn’t have any rhythm.  I wonder what else in life I keep myself from doing simply because I’ve never learned the fundamentals.”

Group drumming, when done in a focused and purposeful way, is such a great builder of communication and collaboration skills because the same core principles and skills apply to both group drumming and to all thriving communities:

– actively listening to other group members with open ears, open minds and open hearts

– expressing ourselves clearly with the intention of creating a free exchange of information and ideas

– responding to what other people contribute, not to our own inner conversations

– willingly engaging together to create solutions to our shared challenges

And, as an added benefit, drumming is a powerful, time-honored way to celebrate successes and the blessings of life with others… to play together!