Building Effective Corporate Teams

By Jim Greiner

This interview with Jim Greiner is an excerpt of an article about motivating music store employees that appeared in the January 2006 isssue of the Music Industry trade publication, Drum Business Magazine:

“Jim Greiner is a master of drum circles and other community rhythmic events.

Says Jim, ‘What I’ve found when working with corporate groups, is that people are motivated when they understand how their job adds value to the company, and is important to the success of the company.’

‘I get people drumming together by starting with a basic, simple pattern.  I then have them create additional patterns that fit together to create the completed rhythm.  This rhythm is more complex and more powerful than the individual parts. The participants get the “hands-on” experience of how their part… their job, no matter what it is… is fundamental to the group.'”


This concept, that the individual patterns played by the participants of my interactive rhythm programs combine to create the group rhythm, is one of the key elements in all of my programs for groups of all types and all sizes. and in group drumming worldwide.

This is the same fundamental principle that creates and sustains every thriving communitiy… whether it be a village in Africa, or a corporate or conference group; the group becomes strongest and most effective when its members willingly contribute their individual skills, talents and personalities to shared goals.

And, experience has clearly demonstrated that group members do so when they know that their contribution is appreciated and valued.