“Greiner has had his fair share of challenges when conducting drumming programs for corporate groups. … the versatility of drums enables him to turn them into memorable teaching moments.

‘The restaurant chain Chipotle once asked me to do a team-building, motivational program for 160 managers,’ says Greiner. The program took place in a room above an upscale hotel restaurant that was serving a late lunch. The hotel Sales & Catering manager was concerned that we might disturb the restaurant patrons with our drumming.

‘So Greiner turned to a low-volume version of his drum program, using 10-inch frame drums and maracas  (small shakers).

‘I used the low-volume requirement as a practical way to show how the Chipotle managers could train their staffs to deal with fast-paced operations while maintaining an atmosphere of tranquility for their patrons.’, stated Mr. Greiner.”

– Making Music Magazine, 2005


The fast-paced tempo of our contemporary professional lives often requires that we be able to quickly adapt to challenges, such as the understandable concern of this meeting planner. When we have solid group rhythms in place, fundamental principles and processes that we follow and reinforce on a daily basis, we are able to quickly and effectively respond to these challenges.

For example, the fundamental principles of my corporate drumming programs never change. They include the universal nature of creating and reinforcing productive group rhythms that are based on the real-world life skills of communicating, collaborating and celebrating. I then adapt these fundamentals to serve, and include, the goals and themes of each of the groups with which I work.

Successful sports teams are often described as being “in a groove” together. This Groove allows the team to instantly adapt to, and take advantage of, the fluid, quickly-changing nature of each game. This Groove does not come about by accident; it is the result of the consistent, purposeful repetition of the core principles, skills and values of the activity, and of the group, every day. This is true of any group, whether it be a corporate group any place worldwide, a village in Africa, or a family!