Jim Greiner’s Past, Present & Future Ritual

Rituals have been used by people worldwide for thousands of years to empower and focus ourselves and our communities.  A ritual is simply a set sequence of actions and/or words that help relieve uncertainty by repeating familiar patterns that help us to focus on our intended goals.  A ritual is a way to reinforce positive and powerful patterns of attitude and action, to reinforce positive Life Rhythms, through repetition.

This Past, Present and Future ritual is meant to be a powerful, and very playful, way to ground yourself, to empower yourself and to focus yourself at any time you feel like it.  Commit to it, believe in it, and in yourself!

Stand or sit gently lifted, not rigid, just not slouching.  Feel your weight drop from your head and shoulders into your lower belly, and then down through your groin, then down through your legs and feet into the earth  This is way to ground yourself and release tension, whether seated or standing.  This is a powerful place to begin any activity!

Inhale deeply into your lower belly, a few inches below the navel.  Then exhale completely, pushing up from the diaphragm through your wide open throat and mouth with the sound “Haaaahhhh!”  Empty your lungs completely with the ending “hhhh” sound.  Continue to inhale and exhale deeply in a relaxed way.

Clap three times, then say, “I honor what I have learned from my experiences in the past.”  Do not analyze or judge the experiences, or the learnings, just honor and appreciate that you have learned from them.

Then clap once and say, “I ground myself in the power of being alert, with all senses wide awake, in the present.”

Clap one time. Then say, “I combine my past experiences and my present alertness as I move forward into the future, into this new experience, step by powerful step.”  Take one step in place with each word, “step”, first with your dominant foot, then with the other.

Then clap three times, and inhale deeply and exhale completely with the “Haaaahhhh” sound as you did to begin.

Feel what you feel, honor this feeling, and carry it with you throughout the day. 

Feel free to use any of these elements to create your own rituals… make them part of your own personal journey!