Flow And Groove

One of the participants in a recent corporate team building rhythm session that I conducted in San Diego remarked that he was moved to re-read the book, Flow, because i included that concept in the session.  That inspired me to … Read More

Drumming For Health & Well Being

Drumming affects us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually in profoundly uplifting ways. This is why people all over the earth have drummed in some manner throughout history. In the past few years, studies conducted in hospitals and universities (some commissioned … Read More

The Four P’s Of Practicing

Practice is both a verb, to practice a skill (a musical instrument, for example), and a noun, a life-practice (such as Yoga, Meditation, Music, etc.) that reinforces positive Life Rhythms… beneficial patterns of Attitude and Action.  We reinforce both through … Read More

Playing Music For Communications Skills and Healthy Brains

A recent Canadian study documented in The Journal of Neuroscience reports, “Musical activities are an engaging form of cognitive brain training.” The study concluded, ” Researchers found that musicians’ brains were able to process speech better than those who were … Read More

Drumming And The Three Core Principles Of Team Building

My corporate team building programs in Silicon Valley and worldwide are built upon my worldwide drumming travels, including two years in Africa. During my drumming treks, I am again and again struck with the profoundly fundamental way in which group drumming reinforces … Read More

Rhythm: The Universal Language

The young software designer from India looked across our circle of drummers at his colleague from northern Europe, grinned broadly and exclaimed, “I loved the part you were playing, so I copied it. It was so very easy for me … Read More

Leadership And Rhythm: Strengthening The Pulse Of Your Group

“I was a participant in one of Jim Greiner’s programs at the Center for Creative Leadership – the premier institute for leadership. It was one of the most extraordinary experiences I’ve ever had! Leaders need to be in tune with … Read More

Corporate Team Building Rhythms: Responding To Challenges

“Greiner has had his fair share of challenges when conducting drumming programs for corporate groups. … the versatility of drums enables him to turn them into memorable teaching moments. ‘The restaurant chain Chipotle once asked me to do a team-building, … Read More